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Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Way Down

Jana and I watched a wonderful documentary that I just have to recommend.  It is called Long Way Down and it is a 3 disc dvd documentary.  

Here is wikipedia's explanation of it:  "Long Way Down is a television series, book and DVD documenting a motorcycle journey undertaken by Ewan McGregor andCharley Boorman, on which they rode south through 18 countries from John o' Groats in Scotland to Cape Agulhas in South Africa via Europe and Africa in 2007. It is a follow-up to the Long Way Round trip of 2004, when the pair rode east from London to New York via Eurasia and North America.

The journey started on 12 May 2007 and finished on 4 August 2007.[1] They were accompanied by the same key members of the team from Long Way Round, including cameraman and director of photography Claudio Von Planta, producers Russ Malkin andDavid Alexanian, and cameraman Jimmy Simak. In addition they decided to travel constantly with a medic, Dai Jones, security officer Jim Foster and various "fixers"—local guides and interpreters—throughout the journey. They rode the BMW R1200GS Adventure, the successor to the R1150GS Adventure bikes they rode in Long Way Round."
It may sound like the kind of show only a motorcycle nut would enjoy, but these two likeable guys are exploring interesting places and supporting several charities along the way.  It filled me with a sense of wanderlust and excitement that I haven't felt in a long time.  It does contain strong language (especially when Ewan dumps his bike over and over in the powdery dust of the Sudan) but it is well worth checking out.

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