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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Talented Family

I have a talented family and I figure there is no better place to show off than on my personal blog.

Sol had to make a blog for his Communications merit badge.  He chose to do the obligatory 3 entries on his favorite video game, Elderscrolls 4 Oblivion, a roll playing game.  I thought it was kind of cute so I'm posting it for the Grandparents even though I promised him I wouldn't.  I do things sometimes.

Also Ian has been doing a lot of sketching lately and his pictures actually look like what he wants them to look like (I'm always amazed by this).  He takes after his momma who has been painting quite a bit lately.  Here is an Eagle he sketched (not traced, I asked).

And then there is my talented wife Jana.  She sings, she plays multiple instruments, and now she paints.  (She has other amazing talents too, but I can't talk about those.)  Here are some of her paintings.

She painted this one for her sister Gaylene

This one for her Brother Kurt

This one for our niece Maison's room

This one just because.

This one for our nephew Xandy's room

This one for her Dad.

And this is her latest she did for her sister Erika.  (My favorite so far.)

I could post photos of the art Sam has done with a permanent marker on our walls and the art Oli has done on himself with a permanent marker, but I don't really want to encourage that.

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  1. I love my painting! I had no idea Ian was so talented too! And many hoorahs for Sol!